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5 Fun Halloween Marketing Ideas

The spookiest time of year will soon be upon us, and consumers will soon be getting into the Halloween spirit. So, if your small business isn’t celebrating this festive holiday, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with customers.

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The Real Problem With Influencer Marketing: You’re Focusing On The Wrong ‘Influencers’

No matter what your brand sells or who you sell to, there’s not a marketer alive who hasn’t struggled with one (or all) of the following challenges:

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The Art and Science of Content Marketing For Gen Z

Ready or not, Generation Z has arrived. While they bring new energy and opportunities, they also bring new challenges and demands for marketers. Using a right- and left-brain approach to content marketing, mixing art and science, your organization can establish a connection with this new generation for years to come…

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Better personalization: The intersection of AI, automation and marketing

In the marketing world, you can’t go any further than the next trend piece or trade publication article before you read about artificial intelligence (AI). It’s said that AI will revolutionize the marketing tech stack; AI will help marketers tap into big data; AI is the key to unlocking the marketing potential of the IoT.

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How To Do Keyword Research For Content Creation & SEO [Infographic]

Good SEO begins with good keyword research. After all, if you don’t know the ways people are seeking your content, it’s pretty hard to ensure that your content “speaks” to them using the words they search for.

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