Technology and startup companies are well ahead of most industries in applying digital technology to all areas of a business. Digital transformation isn’t simply integrating new digital technology, it’s about fundamentally changing your business’s operational model. It’s about delivering a new kind of value to your customers through technology and automation. This will look different for each and every business, based on the unique challenges and current processes in place.

Regardless of where your company is in its digital transformation journey, it’s time to close the gap in what your digital consumers expect and what your business actually delivers. Here are just a few of the marketing trends that are changing the way your business operates today.

Harness The Power Of Customer Data

Your greatest asset may not be found on any balance sheet. First-party data — owned consumer data — is one of the most valuable tools your company possesses. Today’s consumers expect personalized experiences. Due to the fact that data is more actionable than ever before, it allows brands to create these tailored experiences for consumers, helping brands become more and more relevant.

You can use first-party data to create insightful and actionable customer segmentation and personas. For example, you can use demographic data to develop smart psychographic personas that enable thoughtful targeting and product/service promotion. Data is most valuable when it’s used to enhance customer-focused campaigns.

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