KnuGroup is the name of a pet supplement company that is synonymous with high-quality, all natural pet treats that promote healthy joints, reduce inflammation and help with pain management. For over 40 years Dr. Richard Baird, VMD, has devoted his time to treating and improving the quality of a pets life from his Animal Medical Center practice in Uniontown, PA.


Dr. Baird’s efforts of treating pets with KnuGroup products for seasonal allergies, joint issues, and pain management was going unnoticed outside his Uniontown area. The products have been marketed only through the practice for about 9 years and he needed to expand his reach to help other pet owners discover his breakthrough with using high-quality Omega 3 Fatty Acids. How was this VMD going to accomplish this?

KnuGroup spokesdog Skylar, she also served as the face of the KnuGroup Chatbot!

Company Details

Compay Name: KnuGroup
Date: May 2018

Industry: Pet Supplement

Location: Uniontown, PA

Company size: 5


  • No website
  • Low brand awareness
  • Low sales


  • Created a mobile-first website, with an E-commerce solution
  • Developed social media presence
  • Build a proprietary email list
  • Generate sales


  • Launched mobile friendly website, with an e-commerce platform
  • Increased brand mindshare through newly established social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  Google+)
  • Gained thousands of new social media followers
  • SM activity drew millennial customers and went viral
  • Over 15,000 users added to new proprietary email list
  • Increased new revenue

Netsville’s Solution

KnuGroup hired Netsville to help them with their problem. In keeping with our MarTech methodology of Internet Property Management (IPM), Netsville needed to establish a base web presence and then add additional content quickly. We used a WordPress CMS theme for the ease of updating the site, and marketing automation/eCommerce integrations.

Instant Results

This iterative process allowed for the new web property to “go live” in 48 hours. This is an important distinction as the property was never “under construction” but, was always “open for business”, ready to transact and segment potential buyers.

Utilizing Social Media

Another key objective of the marketing plan was to establish the use of Social Media to promote the KnuGroup brand, and more specifically, a KnuBar “free sample” promotion. A/B testing began with Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, with researched and tested content that was designed to create interest in the product. Netsville guided prospective customers to either the web property for additional information or to the e-commerce site to conclude a “free sample” transaction or pay the shipping costs only. Again, we tested to see how all were received and adjusted to the metrics accordingly.

Going Viral

The promotion caught the attention of targeted Facebook users and followers, who then in turn shared in on Twitter, which resulted in “viral” effect. Users began sharing it a various like-minded loyalty and reward sites. KnuGroup’s Twitter followers went from 2 to 558, Facebook went from under 50 likes to over 1450, in just 3 days!

The analysis below shows a significant increase in Twitter followers by over 558 new followers in the same three day time span, as well as, 5585% increase in Tweet impressions and 31800% increase in profile visits.

The Results

This was an extremely successful and effective plan, as Users found relevant product information and a relevant product offer at a place that they were, and at a time that they were interested in learning more about a healthy pet product. Not only were they to provide their personal information, but many made a purchase, as well. The net result from Netsville’s website launch, branding and outbound marketing efforts was build-up of a proprietary database of over 15,000 subscribers and over 50 sales. Our marketing efforts will continue with outbound marketing initiatives and through Marketing Automation, with the newly created list, as we follow the Users along the path during their customer journey.

A few examples of the Landing Pages, Facebook Ad & Promotions utilized for this campaign, along with detailed results, are found on the subsequent pages. If you have any questions or comments, or you would like to speak with a Netsville representative, do not hesitate to contact us, at: 1-888-NETSVILLE (638-7845).

Social Media Analytics

The National Pet Day post also increased traffic to KnuGroup’s Facebook page. Facebook traffic jumped from less than 50 followers to over 1500 in only three days, giving KnuGroup™ a 14,182% increase in page followers. Page views for the month of April spiked by over 6,485% and page likes increase by 12,050%. KnuGroup™ also saw an increase in post engagements by over 104%.

KnuBar™ Sample Landing Page

This is the landing page that users are taken to if they click on any of KnuGroup’s free sample advertisements (below). Netsville runs advertisements on Google and Facebook, and also uses retargeting and banner advertisements. Once a user signs up, their information goes into Netsville’s marketing automation system and they receive an email asking for their shipping information.

KnuBar™ Sample Facebook Advertisement

Here is an example of an advertisement Netsville created for Facebook to drive traffic to the free sample landing page. This ad was made for National Pet Day and it went viral on April 21, 2018.

Sample Landing Page Analytics

These reports show the spike in page traffic that KnuGroup received from the viral Pet Day Facebook post. The top report displays that the month before the Pet Day advertisement, KnuGroup had 324 users with a 64% bounce rate. The 2nd report shows how KnuGroup’s page traffic spiked to over 31,000 users and the bounce rate lowered to less than 40%