Offenhauser is a name that is synonymous with high-performance aftermarket automotive parts. From their current location in Los Angeles, California they continue to produce engine parts, intake manifolds and replacement cylinder heads for customers globally.


In accordance with their 2016 business initiatives, Offenhauser wanted to take a clean slate approach to all of their digital properties.  This meant a total re-design of their severely outdated corporate web presence and development of all of their social media platforms from scratch. Additionally, there was a requirement to develop an e-commerce solution for their large catalog of automotive products. Since these were predominantly greenfield opportunities, a careful record of KPIs was mandatory to determine the most effective methods for promoting the brand, messaging and products.

Executive Summary

Compay Name: Offenhauser
Date: May 2018

Industry: Automotive

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Company size: 50


  • No web property
  • No social media sites
  • No e-commerce


  • Created web property using iterative approach
  • Developed presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Facebook
  • E- commerce solution


  • New web property increased brand mindshare
  • Social media activity drew in millennial customers
  • E-commerce generated new revenue

Netsville’s Solution (IPM)

At the time, there was minimal existing content that was suitable or available for repurposing in the new web properties. In keeping with our MarTech methodology, Internet Property Management (IPM), Netsville needed to establish a foundational web presence as quickly as possible and then add additional content quickly.

Live Website in 48 Hours

Our iterative IPM process allowed for the new web property to “go live” in 48 hours. This is an important distinction as the property was never “under construction” but, was always “open for business”. Under IPM, web properties are never static but are always being developed and fine-tuned based on data derived from KPIs. This unique approach insures that IPM customers have a true around the clock property working for them.

The high activity associated with IPM, is rewarded by search engines with higher rankings as those properties that do not evolve or that are “under construction” are punished. The initial launch of the new Offenhauser web property included administrative content that was quickly augmented with prioritized content that was developed internally. Subsequent new features were developed quickly as part of a prioritized roll-out of data driven content.

Utilizing Social Media

Another key objective of the IPM marketing plan was to initiate the use of social media to promote the Offenhauser brand and product line. The appropriate social media platforms were selected with researched and tested content that was designed to create interest in the product line and guide prospective customers to either the web property for additional information or to the e-commerce site to conclude a purchase. This effort has realized a 30% increase in measured activity centered around the brand. With additional message adjustments and continuous analysis, revenue expectations are projected to double within a year. The following base has also been built from the ground up and has gained over 12,000 followers since we took over.


An important step in the iterative phase included an e-commerce solution featuring high performance automotive products. Our IPM approach made the most popular products available for purchase at the moment of “go live” for the site, with others to follow. This allowed for purchases immediately with no delays. No e-commerce solution was ever part of the original property making this addition a standout profit center for the brand.

The Results

The iterative approach to the re-launch of the Offenhauser properties quickly gained momentum with both legacy and new customers. The availability of information and the opportunity to connect or make a purchase continues to draw increasing numbers of “motor heads” and grow the Offenhauser family as a whole.