As technology evolves more and more, you will continue to hear about artificial intelligence and automation. And if you’re a part of the business or marketing world, you’re gonna want to pay attention. The new tools and apps involved with AI and automations can help you become more efficient and achieve better results. Check out this article by MarTech today to learn more about personalization and the intersections of AI, automation, and marketing:

In the marketing world, you can’t go any further than the next trend piece or trade publication article before you read about artificial intelligence (AI). It’s said that AI will revolutionize the marketing tech stack; AI will help marketers tap into big data; AI is the key to unlocking the marketing potential of the IoT. AI — and the terms you always hear associated with it, like machine learning, deep learning, autonomous algorithms and neural nets — are practically inescapable. They are the very definition of buzzwords.

Like most buzzwords, there is something worthwhile buried beneath layers of hype, and this is certainly true for AI. And like most things in today’s marketing landscape, that value is tied to data. Customer data.

Unlike the grandiose potential applications of fully-realized AI, many of its subsets (machine learning, for example) will be useful to marketers in their current state, as tools with which to parse customer data, predict behavior, and facilitate marketing automation.

The more brands and merchants capture and retain customer data from an ever-widening variety of touch points, the more marketers will need to lean on advanced technology tools like AI to identify patterns and extract actionable intelligence.

Finding signals in the noise

In fact, many marketers are already relying on AI for this functionality today. According to a BrightEdge survey, 60% of marketers expect to use AI this year in their content marketing strategies. Many others are seeing the benefits of finding new audiences with AI and machine learning. These associated technologies are uniquely suited to this task — combing through reams of seemingly-unrelated data and pulling out recurrences and patterns that point to new markets, segments, or other opportunities for marketers.

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