Case Study

Universal Screen Arts Case Study

Universal Screen Arts (USA) is an international online marketer of a broad spectrum of personal, home and outdoor products. Tucked quietly into a corner of Summit County, Universal has evolved into a preferred online global shopping destination headquartered in Hudson, OH with additional warehousing and distribution services in Twinsburg, Ohio.  With its family of diverse brands, Universal truly reaches a broad spectrum of customers.


Inconsistent, Outdated, and Unmeasured

As part of their desire for maximum uptime and global promotion of their products, USA has committed to adopting the very latest in technology and marketing solutions.  Their servers and the supporting infrastructure of their online business were very outdated and often times resulted in serious outages that required server replacement.  In addition, their digital assets were not managed to deliver a consistent marketing message, nor were their results measured against strategic KPIs to determine their effect.  

With the growth of the company dependent upon their online business for sales and a powerful marketing engine to generate demand, Universal needed some serious changes.

What We Did

USA uses IPM solution from NV to guarantee high availability and ensure their e-commerce engine never runs out of gas!


USA needed the benefits of Netsville’s expertise in Internet Property Management (IPM). IPM is a MarTech methodology that is used to manage sophisticated web presences to include marketing and technology. Netsville developed a custom, scalable e-Commerce environment that was fed orders generated by a focused marketing solution which featured numerous digital touchpoints.   

This approach allowed USA to collapse multiple website databases into a single server while spreading webservers, load balancing and storage functionality across dedicated machines that all included redundant components. The processing power of this solution is evidenced by the fact that it is now achievable to use a single web server to host all USA websites if necessary. All of this processing power was essential in providing a non-stop e-commerce environment that met the needs of their 24 hour/day online operation. This was the technical component of IPM.

The processing power inherent in this new hardware and software solution served but one purpose and that being to host the various websites and e-commerce services of USA. The other component of their IPM solution was the management of all of the disparate digital assets that were involved in marketing the various products. Here, Netsville developed a marketing plan that included all of their digital assets and laid the groundwork to collaborate on developing touchpoints for every social media platform and then measuring those results and adjusting touchpoints, content and frequency accordingly to obtain optimum results.


The Netsville solution maximizes capacity usage and simplifies the entire infrastructure thereby reducing operating and energy costs and providing a high availability solution.  Combining that with time tested marketing touchpoints will ensure that the e-commerce engine never runs out of gas.

Next Steps

For now, USA can enjoy the peace of mind that their new high availability infrastructure provides.  In the future, they can count on Netsville to help them promote and sell any new product that they might offer.