Relevancy in the Age of the Customer

Relevancy in the Age of the Customer

As a new marketing age unfolds, business experts are immersing themselves everyday with new information and are making profound discoveries. Once set in stone ideas are gradually being overtaken by new concepts and ideas. Marketing has now become less about branding and competitiveness; instead, there has been a significant shift towards relevancy.

Relevancy in the Age of the Customer is the most important thing your company can possess. If your company’s marketing isn’t relevant to its messaging and branding, that discontinuity can cause major repercussions in terms of your success. The correct application of relevancy tactics can help keep your company on the minds of consumers and, thankfully, there are many tools and platforms available to succeed.

Navigating the Age of the Customer involves utilizing a mixture of social media and other technologies to keep your company relevant. In the digital age, everything from web presentation to social platforms are always in flux; henceforth, it is imperative to be adaptable. Utilizing all pertinent avenues for marketing is a first step that must be followed through to the next.

Marketing relevancy involves three main aspects:

  • Staying up to date
  • Uniform brand message
  • Customer relation

1. Staying Up to Date

Keeping all of your outlets updated is a major key to maintaining relevancy. Although the utilization of social media platforms and a slick website design are great ways to reach and inform your customers, over time a lot of information loses its relevance and becomes outdated. This is why it is imperative that you update your accounts consistently. If you allow your messaging to become outdated, these tools will become a detriment.

A static website or social media account is the quickest path towards irrelevance ensuring a business’ worst nightmare as customers will leave for other companies with a dynamic presence. Staying up to date also strengthens a company’s link to its customer base securing a position with the latest trends and ideas. Additionally, this helps establish market authority. Being on the forefront of the customer’s mind is essential in being relevant.

2. Uniform Brand Message

Having a uniform brand message can best be described as having a consistent message throughout all your marketing avenues. When crafting messages designed to peak a customer’s interest, you have to lead them towards topics that are relevant to your brand. Engaging with one topic and then leading to a completely different topic can present a significant turn off. If your company provides plumbing services, for instance, you’re tweeting about a funky new kind of furniture material, the irrelevance will force the customer to exit.

3. Customer Relation

Perhaps the most important part of company relevancy is the ability to provide potential clients with information that relates to their specific needs in the most efficient manner. This includes accommodating to their timely needs, interest, and values.

Prospective customers now have enough information to rule in or out prospective sellers before initial contact. This allows consumers to feel empowered because they are enabled to proceed farther than ever in the buying process alone. This means that consumers are prequalifying sellers before they have even heard what they have to offer. If customers can relate to your company and you in turn supply them with what they need and when they need it, you have achieved a moment of relevancy that generally guarantees that they will opt for your brand over another.

For example, say you are up browsing the web late at night and you realize you forgot to buy someone a gift. You're frantically searching for a gift online and you find a great last minute option available on two different sites; however, only one of the sites offers same day shipping while the other can ship it to you in three days. Obviously, you're going to buy from the same day shipping site because it has provided you with a relevant solution to your needs. The company that shipped in three days may have had a larger reputation and brand than the same day shipping site, but you ended up buying from the smaller company as they were just as good and more efficient.

Following these suggestions can provide your business with surefire first steps to creating relevancy; however, the road to success can be arduous as new marketers are still struggling for effective methods in maintaining their footholds. Here at Netsville, we are devoted to consistently innovate marketing relevance for all our clients’ digital endeavors.


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