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Pinterest Shopping Ads now out of testing, available to hundreds of advertisers

“Now that Pinterest has moved its Shopping Ads out of testing, the program is available to hundreds of advertisers.


Pinterest’s Shopping Ads, launched last year, were first used by a limited number of major brands, including Ulta Beauty, Venus, Overstock, Lowe’s, eBay, Wayfair and IKEA Canada. The ad product allows advertisers to create ads automatically on the platform by pulling images from their product feeds.”

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Facebook’s Brand Is Becoming the Uber of Social Media, and That’s Not a Good Thing

“Once upon a time less than five years ago every startup in existence pitched itself as the Uber of whatever it did. Nobdy frames their startup that way anymore. An ever unspooling series of scandals running the gamut from raunchy corporate culture to deliberately evading municipal regulators and alleged theft of trade secrets led to the ouster of Travis Kalanick, who now lives in exile and is remembered as the CEO who yells at his lowest-paid employees when they voice a complaint.”

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What does artificial intelligence mean for marketing agencies?

“While the creative process itself is unlikely to be wholly automated by machines, many agencies are aware that some elements of their work might be overhauled or redefined by machine learning tools.

In this article, we’ll discuss what kind of marketing agency work might be augmented or automated by machines (including examples of startups working on these marketing applications already) — and we’ll explore what these marketing agency AI trends and examples might lead to over the next five years.”

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Notes are coming to AdWords, plus Recommendations & an Account Performance Score

“Over the past several months, Google has been rolling out new features exclusively in the new AdWords interface, or “experience.” On Tuesday, at SMX West in San Jose, AdWords Director of Product Management Anthony Chavez announced some attention-grabbing new features aimed at improving productivity on the platform.”

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First Death Of A Pedestrian Struck By An Autonomous Vehicle May Set Tone For Lawyers And Liability

“Imagine this: your brand is firmly planted at the number one position on search engine result pages, your influencer network is producing daily content pointing their followers in your direction and your email open rates are on the rise…”

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