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Amazon vs. Google vs. Microsoft: Big tech firms gird for AI talent battle

One of the AI leads for Amazon Alexa is leaving for Google. According to Quartz, based on a LinkedIn update, “Ashwin Ram, former senior manager and lead for Alexa AI at Amazon, is now technical director of AI for Google Cloud.”

Ram was reportedly behind the Alexa Prize, designed to further AI research and (presumably) help Amazon identify leading AI talent around the world. Amazon is trying to advance human-machine conversational interaction and the Alexa Prize is one vehicle for that.

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Are you ready for the attribution changes coming to Google AdWords?

There is an old saying: the only constant in life is change! Word on the street and from Google is they’ll stop supporting last click attribution sometime this year. This means advertisers will have to opt into one of several other attribution models available in Google.

In this article, I’ll provide some general commentary on attribution as well as an overview of the different models available in Google AdWords.

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4 things that brands are doing to win in the new video landscap

Back in the 1950s, when TV was first gaining popularity as an entertainment medium, advertisers had it fairly easy. With only three networks and one viewing screen, the audience was highly concentrated. To this day, I Love Lucy still holds the record for the highest Nielsen average for a TV season—67.3. Families around America tuned in weekly for a season that started with Lucy battling a conveyor belt at a chocolate factory and eventually welcomed Ricky Jr. to the world.

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An easy way to see if Google thinks your webpages are keyword relevant

We all want to rank well, but there are times when it seems nearly impossible to do so.

There can be many causes for rankings shortfalls, and as I pointed out recently, sometimes it seems Google is just not interested in ranking businesses like yours for a target query.

That can be frustrating for anyone which is why my previous article suggested a way to determine if
your target keyword phrase was a good fit for the terms you want to rank for.

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 Everything You Need to Know About Vero, the Social Media Platform Co-Founded by a Billionaire That’s Gone Viral

For a while, it’s seemed that Instagram and Snapchat are unimpeachable. They’ve been the two preferred mobile-first social networks for years, and little has gotten in their way.

Any apps that have sprung up as challengers have faded into oblivion. Remember when people talked about Ello for a hot second in 2014? Or Google Plus back in 2011?

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