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Google’s new manifesto says AI will be used to benefit society

Google’s actual mission statement is to “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” I was struck by the shift in tone; was he test-driving a new mission statement? “Beneficial to society” is a lot stronger (and more demanding) than “Don’t be evil.”

These values matter, and yesterday the company made another strong statement when Pichai blogged a kind of AI manifesto that establishes a set of rules and principles surrounding AI project development:

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Three Ways To Use The Power Of Persuasion In Marketing

“Persuasion” is a term often used in marketing, and we’re all probably aware of it. What many businesses fail to realize is that persuasion isn’t just about getting people to buy your product. You may be able to get people to convert, but are they happy about the purchase? Were you able to change their sentiment towards your brand in a positive manner?

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Make Your Ads Works of Art but Your Marketing Plan Needs to be All Science

Easy access to customer data has sparked a new-found sense of transparency for brands and new-found pressure on CMOs to turn that data into sales.

But marketing is getting more difficult. Marketers are responsible for a growing list of digital channels. They must personalize creative and manage target audiences for each one. They’re being held accountable to optimize every dollar of their media budgets.

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How AI Will Alter the Digital Marketing Landscape

Omnichannel, growth hacking, attribution, automation, micro-moments, gamification, agile and key performance indicators. There is no shortage of marketing buzzwords with short-term industry hype. When I first heard about the intersection of AI and marketing, while working with a machine-learning startup out of the Bay Area, I assumed the use of bots in marketing would follow suit as a buzzworthy concept that would quickly run its course. Fast-forward five years, and it’s evident that AI and its related technologies will run parallel to nearly all marketing tactics in the future.

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How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Company’s Other Marketing Efforts

While social media is a solid path for expanding and deepening brand awareness, it’s unlikely to be your company’s only marketing strategy. Other avenues—from content marketing to corporate events to traditional tactics—can take up significant portions of your advertising budget.

A 2016-17 study from Gartner illustrates that the average company spends 12 percent of its annual revenue on marketing. And while 92 percent of marketers agree that social media is important to their business, that doesn’t mean your social efforts must exist in their own silo, separate from your company’s other campaigns.

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