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Are You Leveraging These Underutilized Google Analytics Features?

“If you’re a digital marketer these days, odds are extremely good that web analytics is a major part of your toolkit. With its massive adoption in the market, odds are also good that the tool you’re using is Google Analytics. But are you really getting everything you can out of it…”

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6 Tips to Using Emojis in Your Marketing Campaigns

“Grab your phone and look at the last few text messages you sent and received. I’m willing to bet there were some emojis used. They are quickly entering the world of marketing — email subject lines are now full of emojis, and you can even order from Domino’s by simply texting them the pizza emoji. Soon, it won’t just be trendy to use emojis…”

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Twitter Just Told Users How To Block Your Brand Forever

“Twitter has launched a sweeping set of tools that are aimed at curbing abuse on the platform. The trouble is the new tools also enable users to control a lot more than that: namely, blocking great swathes of content including any mention of your brand… forever…”

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Should You Bother Rewriting Your Ads?

When it comes to paid search, there is a lot to optimize. Amidst all of the keywords, bidding and landing page refinements you have to do on a regular basis, it can be easy to wonder, ‘Does my ad copy actually make a difference…'”

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Public Information Threatens Your Business Security

“Is your business more public than you think? In this overwhelmingly information-rich world, the answer is a definite yes. And if it’s public information, it has every legal right to carry on. Among social media platforms, review sites, consumer blogs, industry forums and business search databases…”

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