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6 Business Types That Reap the Most Reward From Local SEO

“National — or even global — SEO was once the revolutionary way to gain visibility on the internet. Now, it has become incredibly expensive and brutally competitive. As a result, small businesses are turning to local SEO to increase their exposure to potential customers online. So, what factors into an awesome local SEO strategy…”

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Deleting Your Yahoo Email Account? Yeah, Good Luck with That

“Deleted your Yahoo account? Think again. Several Yahoo users, who last year decided to leave the service, told us that their accounts remained open for weeks or months after the company said they would be closed. News broke in September of a massive state-sponsored cyberattack that led to the theft of 500 million records…”

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3 Ways to Use Snapchat for Marketing

“Snapchat is a fully established platform, but it’s not overcrowded yet. One of the golden rules of marketing is that the first companies to hop on a new platform usually see the biggest returns on their investment. Back in the 1990s, it was normal to have email open rates over 90 percent…”

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Google’s New Project Aims to Clean Up Comment Sections

“If you read stuff on the internet (and obviously you do because hi, you’re reading a blog) then you know the golden rule: never read the comments. Scrolling past the end of a story is an adventure into a realm of racism, conspiracy theories and ad hominem attacks that will quickly make you lose your faith in humanity…”

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3 Tips on Becoming a Pay-Per-Click Expert

“Online advertising is one of those industries that is always taking heat for one reason or another. Some of it is just the nature of advertising, some of it has to do with expectations of the future of internet usage. However, online advertising has been, is and will almost definitely continue to be an integral part of every brand’s advertising stack…”

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