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Why Won’t My Customer Call Me Back?

“In our world is a cult of immediacy. Smart phones, instant messages, texting, email and whatever the evil Tech Lords will think up next keep us forever glued to our precious screens, as if we are super heroes waiting for the prompt to spring into action…”

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Your Flexible SEO Strategy: Creation, Execution and Measurement in an Ever-Changing Environment

“Like any marketing channel, SEO is an investment. Whether you’re using in-house resources or hiring an agency to do the work, SEO isn’t free. To make the most of your SEO time (and perhaps direct financial) investment, it’s helpful to have an SEO strategy established to be your road map for execution…”

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4 Lessons From a Decade of Ad Tech Disruption

“Since the first RTB ad was placed in 2010, our industry’s story has been one of rapid, often painful evolution. Alongside the technological disruption, however, we have also seen numerous troubling revelations that shook marketers’ confidence, and in turn changed their approach. Just as programmatic and social began to take off, news emerged detailing the extent of ad fraud…”

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Can Paid Media Ever Earn Your Customer’s Trust?

“Customer trust is important to your business. People who trust you are more willing to be repeat customers and refer you to others. It can also lead to earned media such as positive online reviews and social media engagement from fans and followers. People are more likely to trust word of mouth marketing which is a form of earned media…”

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Visual Hierarchy in Emails & The Importance of a Hero Image

“As stats and studies indicate, visual cues help us better retrieve and remember information. Since our brain processes visual images more easily as compared to words, visuals have an edge over text. We are naturally drawn to colors, contrasting patterns, typography, textures and shapes used in emails and otherwise…”

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