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A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Content Marketing

“As content curators and marketers strive to keep up with this rapidly evolving industry, it is critical to produce pieces that both resonate with the audience and provide a return on investment. By engaging visitors, you build trust, which makes it easier to snag qualified leads and close sales. Following these four…”

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SEO and Content Convergence: Making the Most of Moments That Matter

“It’s no secret that SEO and content marketing complement each other. SEO helps users connect with and discover information about your brand, while content marketing ensures that information is relevant, engaging and primed for conversion. Just as SEO alone is not enough to guarantee content quality and relevance, content marketing alone is not enough to guarantee performance and results. When the art of content marketing combines with the science of SEO disciplines, marketing success is truly guaranteed…”

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Facebook Brings Value Metrics to Campaigns to Help Advertisers Target the Best Customers

“One of the most important dances that digital advertisers perform is the maximization of revenue on a minimal budget. It is quite remedial, really; the goal is to optimize the value of campaigns. Well, now Facebook…”

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Snapchat Seduces Advertisers with New Self-Serve Tools and Certified Partners

“To beat Facebook and Google’s duopoly, Snapchat needs advertisers to build and buy campaigns with confidence. So today it’s announcing the Snap Publisher tool for building vertical video creative, it’s rolling out its…”

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Google’s Mobile-First Index Likely Not Coming Until 2018 at Earliest

“Google is ‘probably many quarters away’ from launching its mobile-first index. So said Gary Illyes, Google webmaster trends analyst, during a crowded session Tuesday afternoon at our SMX Advanced conference in Seattle. ‘It’s going to be a big change, but don’t freak out,’ Illyes said. SEOs and webmasters have…”

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