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8 Types of Updates You Should Be Sharing With Your Social Media Followers

“Even if you’re organized enough to be working from an editorial calendar, you may still face moments of complete brain blockage where you can’t seem to generate any topics to post and share on your social channels. Welcome to the club.

“No matter what the goal of your social media marketing might be (and having social media goals is critical to a measured approach), you need content to get there…”

Read more at Entrepreneur.


Governments Around the World Deny Internet Access to Political Opponents

“Keeping your enemies offline can cripple their chances of overthrowing you. Whether or not your ethnic group has political power in the country where you live is a crucial factor determining your access to the Internet, according to a new analysis.

“The effect varies from country to country, and is much less pronounced in democratic nations. But the study, published today in Science, suggests that besides censorship, another way national governments prevent opposing groups from organizing online is by denying them Internet access in the first place, says Nils Weidmann, a professor of political science at the University of Konstanz in Germany…”

Read more at MIT Technology Review.


Facebook Messenger to Offer Bot-Assisted Payments

“Facebook has stepped up its assault on old-school text messaging, announcing Monday that its Messenger app will allow bots to process payments in-app without taking users to external websites.

“The news is part of a broad Facebook push to keep its 1.3 billion global users inside its ecosystem, typified by recent moves such as allowing consumers to order Uber rides without exiting Messenger.

“‘Building an ecosystem is not easy and it takes time,’ said David Marcus, Facebook vice president in charge of Messenger, who made the bot-centric announcement at TechCrunch Disrupt here Monday…”

Read more at USA Today.


8 Tips to Make Sure Your Google Profile Images Boost Your Local Search Results

“Your local business profile image has a significant impact on the impression prospective customers have of your business. Columnist Wesley Young of the Local Search Association covers ways to make sure that impression is a positive one. Images have become ever more important in online presence and marketing.  It seems rare that an article, email, ad or social media post isn’t led by a hero image or graphic.

“There’s no question that images boost visibility, engagement and click-through rates. A study on Google+ concluded that posts with images were shared three times more than those without images. Likewise, Socialbakers reported that of the top 10 percent most engaging Facebook posts (likes, shares, comments), 93 percent of them were photos. And a study by BrightLocal found that 60 percent of consumers agreed that local results with images grab their attention and influence decision-making…”

Read more at Marketing Land.


The Biggest Google Ad Updates Are Also the Quietest

“Advertisers have seen many big updates from Google over the past year, but columnist Andy Taylor makes the case that the most impactful updates may well have been the least publicized. Expanded text ads. The removal of right-rail ads and the addition of a fourth text ad at the top of desktop searches. Customer Match.

“These are just a few of the “major” Google announcements made over the past year that caused big reactions across the search industry. Analysts, myself included, have been scrambling to report on how these updates are impacting brands and to come up with best practices in light of the results…”

Read more at Search Engine Land.

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