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Google Maps Showing How Long People Typically Spend at a Store or Venue

“Google is now showing searchers how long they can expect to be at a specific store or venue based on the crowdsourced data they have from users who travel to specific stores.

“Under the popular times section of the Google Maps local listing page, Google may show ‘people typically spend X minutes here.’ The estimate is either a single number, like 15 minutes, or it may be a range of minutes, e.g., between 15 and 45 minutes…”

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4 Ways Brands Can Combat Facebook’s News Feed Change

“A few weeks ago, Facebook dropped another one of its algorithm ‘bombs.’ The social media juggernaut announced it would now heavily prioritize posts shared and published by Facebook friends, rather than those posted by pages. The change has enormous implications for businesses that have been using Facebook to engage with fans. Therein lies the problem. Is being reliant on a media powerhouse’s control a gamble…”

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The Importance of Email Testing

“According to McKinsey, advanced personalisation and targeted messages make email marketing 40 times more efficient at acquiring new customers than giants like Facebook or Twitter.

“This is because professional email marketing platforms let you send tailored information to the right customers at the right time to build engagement and drive sales. But sometimes small mistakes can ruin hours of hard work when you forget to test the campaign before you hit send…”

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How to Create an Effective Banner Ad

“When you are running an online advertising campaign, you are facing an inherent challenge that has frustrated many.

“People don’t really like to click on ads. In fact there are many tools out there that banish ads completely, meaning advertisers have had to get a little more creative in how they present their advertisements…”

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The Key to Local SEO

“If you’ve read any of my past articles here, you know that I typically try to share tips to help marketers be more successful with their clients. Instead of sharing a specific optimization tip or some fleeting shiny object, I try to stick more to the business or relationship side of things.

“This time, I’m sharing the most important tip I can share: the key to success in local SEO…”

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