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Why Your Business Needs to Be More Flexible Than Ever

“Is your company and its marketing approach ready to change and adapt to new information? I’ve always been taught to be decisive. Some of my best early managers were particularly good at taking all available information and making a quick decision. I learned by example and by my own trial and error, and I’ve always felt that procrastinating and holding back were far worse than making a less than perfect decision. Decisions keep the business moving forward, and forward is always a good thing…”

Read more at Entrepreneur.

SEO Case Study: Zero to 100,000 Visitors in 12 Months

“You need more traffic. More visitors on your site means more impressions, more signups, more purchases — more revenue. But how do you capture more traffic from search results that are becoming more crowded, more diverse, and evolving in the way they are…”

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Emojis Increase Email Open Rates

“Independence Day promotions have an average email read rate of 21%, according to Return Path, but that engagement rate increases when a hamburger emoji is incorporated into the subject line. One out of every four emails containing the hamburger emoji was read during the weeks leading up to July 4, per Return Path’s Emoji Report. The food emoji outranked other Independence…”

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Net Neutrality Day of Action: Here’s Why it Matters

“Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, and Reddit have joined the Day of Action to save Net Neutrality. Kickstarter, Etsy, Vimeo, Patreon, and NextDoor—among many others—have July 12, 2017 highlighted on their (web-based) calendars because there’s a difference between talk and action. There’s a difference between debate and ensuring…”

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Facebook Will Tell Brands If the People Clicking Their Ads Actually Made It to Their Sites

“Just because Facebook has disclosed 10 measurement errors since last September doesn’t mean the company is shying away from providing marketers with new measurements. Facebook will start providing…”

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