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Instagram Now Has Half a Billion Monthly Users

“Instagram has announced that it has reached the milestone of 500 million monthly users. That’s a commonly used metric that has its limitations when it comes to tracking just how engaged users are with a given app, but Instagram says that over 300 million of those people use the service every single day…”

Read more at The Verge.


Five Insights Your Paid Search Team Should be Stealing from Organic

“Google Analytics recently added Search Console reports to help analyze incoming search traffic. Columnist and Googler Matt Lawson explains how you can use this change to improve your paid search performance.

“Getting clicks is great, but it’s way more important to know what happens after you get those clicks. That’s why I was so excited last month when my employer, Google, announced a deeper integration between Search Console and Google Analytics (GA)…”

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Vines Can Now Include 140-second Video Attachments

Twitter-owned Vine rose to prominence with its looping 6-second videos, a creative constraint that created a notably diverse and entertaining playground. But almost four years after launching, the company has seen its early lead in social video evaporate in the face of competition from the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, and newer players like In part that’s because the platform hasn’t evolved: while vines are organized differently in the app than they used to be, it’s fundamentally still a place to watch 6-second loops. That begins to change today as the company rolls out video attachments of up to 140 seconds, allowing for longer clips that effectively turn the vine itself into a movie trailer…”

Read more at The Verge.


The Science of Viral Content: Why Certain Emotions Ignite Social Engagement

“Columnist Kerry Jones digs into new research on the role of arousal and dominance in viral sharing. If you’re looking to attract high engagement through content marketing, it’s essential to understand why people choose to share and interact with content.

“New research suggests that it’s not just individual emotions, such as surprise or anger, that spur high levels of engagement needed to make something “go viral.” It turns out some emotions are extremely effective at driving people to share due to the levels of arousal and dominance they ignite…”

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Word-Of-Mouth Influence Still Strong In Digital Age

“Although brand-related face-to-face conversations have declined somewhat in the face of digital media, word-of-mouth talk about is still the dominant form of brand communication among consumers.

“In 2015, 72% percent of brand-related conversations came in the form of face-to-face talk, down from 77% in 2008, according to word-of-mouth marketing researcher Engagement Labs’ Keller Fay Group…”

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