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5 Brand Mistakes to Avoid

“Your brand acts as the threshold that welcomes a new customer into their experience with your business. Over time, the connection that your customer has to your brand deepens, and brand loyalty is established. At least, that’s the goal. The ability to develop brand loyalty in a customer is dependent upon your ability to deliver…”

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3 Logical Myths About Rankings That Can Destroy a Business

“I was scratching my head trying to decide what to write about this month. Lately, I’ve been writing pieces that focused pretty heavily on technical SEO — from my technical argument for quality content a few months ago to last month’s two-part series discussing two…”

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4 Reasons Why Using Instagram Has Become a Marketing Necessity

“Is your business active on Instagram? Are you leveraging it to build your personal brand? While it was once one of many possible social media platforms to market your product or service, you now need to allocate a large percentage of your social media effort…”

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Three Ways to Put Your Valuable Email Data to Work

“Email has been a part of our lives for so long that most of us take it for granted. But take a closer look the next time your inbox pings. Marketers are always at work transforming email in new and interesting ways to engage the consumer. I was reminded of this on a recent trip to Las Vegas, when I stayed at the Venetian…”

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John Oliver Reminds Us That Net Neutrality is Still Under Siege

“John Oliver has again fired off his quick wit at the new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and the Trump administration for trying to roll back Obama-era Net Neutrality rules. This isn’t the first time Oliver has addressed the issue of an ‘open internet,’ as he touched on the topic back in 2014 during his fifth episode of Last Week Tonight. In that…”

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