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6 Secrets to Getting a Social Influencer’s Attention

“Influencer marketing is a powerful way to generate visibility for your brand. The concept is simple: Find an “influencer,” someone in your industry with a large social following and respect within the community. Then get this individual to share your material, engage with you or otherwise mention your brand.

“A recommendation could instantly net you some new followers and set you up for future opportunities (such as interviews and collaborative content) with that influencer. And that’s all good and well…”

Read more at Entrepreneur.


Successful SEO Programs Require Content That Supports the Entire Buy Cycle

“Columnist Joe Goers argues that many websites are focusing too much on the bottom of the funnel — to the detriment of their SEO success. Every SEO has heard these four words: ‘I need more traffic!’

“It seems that websites are becoming less focused on top-of-funnel content (general informational and educational materials) and more focused on bottom-of-funnel lead generation offers. In my opinion, this is a short-sighted strategy, and one that will not drive a high volume of qualified traffic. Successful SEO programs require website content designed to reach prospects across the entire buy cycle…”

Read more at Search Engine Land.


Twitter Might Sell Vine Instead of Killing It

“Don’t say goodbye to Vine just yet. The death sentence that parent company Twitter recently announced for Vine, a service for sharing short video clips online, may be lifted — much to the relief of Vine’s loyal base of dedicated users. Twitter is now in talks with several potential buyers for the service, according to a TechCrunch report.

“Twitter, which is undergoing its own challenges and recently announced plans to lay off 9% of its staff, said in October that it was pulling the plug on the three-year old Vine service. Twitter said that Vine would be shut down in the coming months…”

Read more at Business Insider.


More People Consuming Branded Content Via Mobile

“Increasing numbers of people are consuming branded content on their mobile devices, according to new data from Polar. The company, a tech provider for publishers of branded content, found that in the third quarter, click-through rates (CTR) on mobile outperformed desktop by 2x. In addition, mobile achieved a CTR of 0.42% in Q3, which was 113% higher than on desktop and 27% higher than the overall global average.

“The data comes from an analysis of branded content that ran through Polar’s platform. The company found the majority of views to branded content occur on mobile,and that Q3 marked the first time in the last two years that mobile drove more than half of the views to branded content: 51%…”

Read more at MediaPost.


Google Boosts Safe Browsing Program by Tagging Repeat Offenders

“Google already flags sites that violate its malware and phishing policies with a bright red screen warning users of potential harmful content should they proceed. But some times websites can game the Safe Browsing system by temporarily halting those activities, as for a review, and then going back to business when they get cleared. Now Google is looking to close that loophole by flagging such sites as ‘repeat offenders.’

“The status is reserved for sites that appear to intentionally spread malware, unwanted software, or phishing pages — not websites that have been hacked…”

Read more at TechSpot.

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