We previously posted a small article with an infographic detailing how Pinterest has grown to an invaluable resource for online businesses. Well, the social networking powerhouse is now providing online retailers with a “richer” way to communicate with Pinners – the Rich Pin.

The Rich Pin isn’t new, but with the exponential growth of Pinterest driven sales, Rich Pins are quite the commodity. Rich Pins – since I’ve mentioned them four times now so you may be asking, “What are they?” To understand what a Rich Pin is, one must first know what a Pin is. Pins are “visual bookmarks” that are collected and compiled on Boards. At their core, Pins are images. To a retailer, having their products being visually displayed and shared by potential consumers is huge. However, the retailer Rich Pin allows for more information than just an image to be displayed, such as Product Name, Price, Color, Availability, and Sale Dates (to name a few). Being able to display this information on Pins allows retailers to get more mileage out of their Pins. Pinners will now be keeping a constant eye on some of their favorite product Pins to see if there is limited availability, or if anew color is added, or for an item to go on sale.

In order for you as a retailer to utilize Rich Pins, you have to first prep your site and apply. Pinterest uses oEmbed to obtain information from your site and you will need to go through each of your product pages and code them accordingly in order for the information to later be translated to Rich Pins. Pinterest has a full list of fields your business can implement into your Rich Pins.

Coding your product pages to be “Rich Pin ready “can be intimidating, but do not fear.  As an IPM company, Netsville is prepared to guide you over any online and social-media marketing hurdle.

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