The Internet is in constant flux – trends emerge and vanish in a matter of hours – it is a breeding ground where new Social Platforms are given life.  Some stay, most go. Amongst those surviving (and thriving), you’ll find Pinterest. Compared the lifespan of the so-deemed “Social Giants” (facebook and twitter), Pinterest is still an infant. But this baby is growing up fast and into one of the most effective outlets available to the online seller.

Pinterest, by nature, plays to the urges of the online shopper. Coincidentally, its social-mechanics highly benefit the online seller. Pinterest users (or Pinners as they’re called) “pin” products to their boards. These boards, in essence, are highly visual online shopping lists. Moreover, these lists are showcased to the pinner’s friends and followers only to be pinned and repinned and shown to those users’ friends and followers over and over, well, you get the idea. In a nutshell, your product and your brand are continually being spread and endorsed by prospective buyers in a visual, long-standing atmosphere.

Pair Pinterest’s marketing power with the exponential growth of users and you have a resource that shouldn’t be overlooked.

If your business sells online, and you’re NOT utilizing Pinterest – take a look at the infographic put together by Pinterest and Shopify detailing “How Pinterest Drives Online Commerce,” and see why it’s the next platform your business needs to be looking to increase exposure, recognition, and sales!




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