Internet Property Management

Internet Property Management (IPM) is taking a comprehensive, holistic approach to managing complex web properties. Creating a website is not as simple as it sounds. Rather, it is a complex series of systems that all must function together succinctly, producing a professional and marketable final product. Developing, building, and (often overlooked) maintaining the coactivity of these systems necessitates oversight, responsibility, and accountability – management.

A website, or Internet Property, requires three fields working together for overall success – Web & Tech Development, Internet Marketing, & Client Services. IPM delves into the minute details of these fields with professional applications to achieve a client’s goals while building branding, search engine optimization, and a greater overall return on investment. By applying the IPM methodology, a business client can rest assured that their Internet property has the technical engineering to keep it running, has a social media advocate to keep or propel it into the spotlight, and is constantly being updated to keep it relevant.


The Core Principles of IPM

IPM focuses on its core principles through the Discovery, Development, Marketing, and Maintenance phases as its guiding posts for quality Internet property building.

Iterative Design

IPM projects should be moved forward iteratively. Not only does deploying iterations of websites allow for adjustment and scalability, but search engines reward growth and punish static sites.


Internet Property Managers collaborate with business owners about their plans and goals for their business and their Internet Property to better guide them through the IPM process.

Building Value

IPM believes it should pay for itself. It always seeks to build the value of a client's property.


By utilizing a monthly pricing model, accountability is maintained through an entire contractual term.


IPM does not point fingers to absolve itself of responsibility or to place blame elsewhere. It only seeks to identify a solution to the problem and to get said solution implemented.


The IPM playbook consists of marketing plays that can be executed to further the marketing agenda of a customer.