The sales process is all too often a glaring source of inefficiency within businesses. Companies can address this problem by getting set up with CRM software and committing to a more systematic process.

Disorganization in the sales process

There’s nothing worse than losing out on a lead’s business because of structural disorganization. Clever marketing campaigns and good products won’t help much if sales representatives don’t contact prospects at the opportune moment. Removing this disorganization can have a big impact on sales.

Replace intuition with a systematic process

Intuition is often the source of disorganization in the sales process. Sales representatives are used to scheduling meetings based on their gut feeling, as opposed to sales metrics. By committing to a more systematic process, sales representatives will get in touch with more leads at the appropriate time.

Get in the habit of documenting often

This is where CRM software comes into play. With it, sales representatives can document meetings and save noteworthy data in relation to customers. The more data your business collects, the more you’ll know about prospective customers and their buyer personas.

The key here is to make documentation a habit. According to this Forbes article, this small difference can make a big difference in terms of sales numbers:

“As it relates to utilizing a CRM, I have found that by documenting often and letting the technology manage me, I was 10 times more efficient and my sales numbers backed up my argument. The discipline of using a CRM helped me build stronger relationships with my customers. I always remembered who to call and when to call them.”

When all sales representatives adopt this habit, you’ll have a valuable database of customer information. They can then refer to this data to prepare for customer meetings.

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