…For SEO, how are people discovering you? What questions would they ask Google that could lead them to you? Let’s say you own a car dealership and want to own “best car dealership in Minnesota.” Yes, you could go to Google Adwords and spend money on a search term. But buying your way into SEO popularity can be expensive. (And most consumers ignore obvious ads.)

Instead, consider what questions potential customers may have about, say, a specific car you sell. Win traffic by answering those questions on your site. We’ve seen clients earn hundreds of thousands of dollars of free search engine marketing by creating and owning valuable content. Google wants to reward that value, so if you build something that actually helps the end user, you will — over time — climb the ranks on the search engine’s results pages. And it will be more than worth what it cost to create that content.

Social media, on the other hand, is driven by engagement. You need to have an emotional pulse on what people care about — enough to make them spread your brand’s message. Likes, shares and comments are the by-products of an ongoing conversation. Those virtual interactions can result in real-life customers and help keep them…

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