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Why Nike’s AR experiment for Facebook Messenger was a hit with its customers

At this year’s F8 conference earlier this month, Facebook announced that brands can now use its Camera Effects Platform to employ augmented reality (AR) with Messenger bots.

Four brands — Kia, Nike, Sephora and ASUS — participated in a closed beta to incorporate this added capability. Kia showed off its Stinger car, Sephora enabled virtual makeup and ASUS created a virtual “unboxing experience” for one of its phones.

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Google AdWords new responsive search ads can show 3 headlines

We’re finally here. Set up one ad with multiple headlines and a couple of descriptions, and Google will start testing combinations dynamically to serve the combination deemed most likely to achieve the advertiser’s stated goal. Oh, and get more real estate than a standard text ad for giving the new machine learning option a go.

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6 dimensions of online reputation that should guide your social media marketing

“Small changes can make a huge difference. We often underestimate the value of the little things: a sentence, a button, a color. Those who’ve spent any time conducting A/B split tests know, though, that small changes can lead to surprising results. Marketing…”

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Lightstreams seeks to solve a blockchain vulnerability: It’s too public

One of blockchain’s main selling points is that all of its transactions are public. Even in private blockchains, transactions can be public to all of the participants in that network.

But that can also be a major drawback, since many kinds of transactions need to remain private because of the financial terms, the competitive strategy, the personal info or other reasons.

An Estonia-based startup is now out with a possible solution. Lightstreams has launched a blockchain
network with a new Permissioned Block protocol that employs smart contracts to grant, block or revoke
access to content for specific users.

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What negative SEO is and is not

“Positive SEO under this broader view would be any tactic performed with the intent to positively impact rankings for a uniform resource locator (URL), and possibly its host domain, by manipulating a variable within the links, content or user signals areas.

Negative SEO would be any tactic performed with the intent to negatively impact rankings for a URL, and
possibly its host domain, by manipulating a variable within the links, content or user signal buckets.”

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