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Four ways to remain productive when the AdWords interface changes

The new AdWords interface is creating quite a stir in the PPC industry because, while it’s pretty, it’s disrupting the work of lots of PPC professionals. Like Mona Elesseily says, “this is a workhorse for many of us, not a viewing platform.” Fortunately, advertisers who use third party tools like Optmyzr have a chance to transition their workflows more gradually than those who rely entirely on the tools Google provides.

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Facebook expands A/B ad-testing capabilities & adds reporting features

Facebook is adding new features to its A/B split-testing feature for advertisers and making it available from within the Quick Creation workflow.

The A/B ad-testing option, launched in October of last year, was originally only available in the Facebook Ads Manager’s Guided Creation workflow screen. With this update, Facebook has added the split-testing option to its Quick Creation flow where advertisers can create ads in bulk.

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Google patent on related entities and what it means for SEO

“I read a lot of patents, many of which may or may not apply to search engine optimization (SEO) or be used by Google at all.

But that’s not the case with the recently granted Google patent “Related entities.” I believe this patent is being applied and it gives us significant insight into how Google identifies entities and the related entities people are searching for.”

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Adverty launches ‘first programmatic platform’ for AR/VR in-app ads

A Stockholm-based startup has launched what it says is the first programmatic ad platform for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) native ads.

Adverty actually made its platform available late last year in a non-programmatic version for a test project with Coca-Cola Company, and it is now being offered in general release for programmatic use.

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Facebook & Instagram ads granted accreditation by the Media Rating Council

After more than a year of audits by the Media Rating Council (MRC), Facebook has been granted accreditation for ads on both its platform and Instagram.

According to a release from the MRC, the accreditation applies to ad impressions for Facebook and Instagram’s desktop and mobile websites and mobile apps.

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