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3 Tips for Turning Your Customers Into Your Marketing Team

“How can a startup generate awareness and attract new customers without the resources necessary to pursue traditional marketing or public relations efforts? Get creative and use these three tips to turn your customers into an effective marketing channel. Word-of-mouth marketing isn’t just more effective than any form of advertising, it’s also really cheap or free…”

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A Deep Look at Google’s Biggest-Ever Search Quality Crisis

“The past few months have been bad for Google’s search reputation. Long considered the ‘gold standard’ in search, Google has seen its search results questioned as never before. It’s a body blow to a core service that should be safe as Google tries to grow in new directions…”

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LinkedIn Rolls Out Mobile-Friendly Lead Gen Forms

“LinkedIn is making it easier for businesses to generate leads from sponsored content on mobile devices with its new Lead Gen Forms feature, as described in a blog post made available to Marketing Dive in advance of its publication. When someone submits a Lead Gen Form, marketers receive their name and contact info…”

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You’ll Soon Need 10,000 Views to Host YouTube Ads

“Want to make money from ads on your YouTube videos? Your channel had better have more than 10,000 views. Those are the new rules for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), home to many people who make their livings uploading original videos and attaching advertisements to them. YouTube says the…”

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5 Key Tips to Improve Conversion Rates

“Mastering the art of the sale isn’t just about enticing potential customers to engage with your business, but about keeping them moving down the sales funnel all the way to the contract’s dotted line. Within this sales funnel, many businesses get lost. While they’re able to generate qualified leads, they aren’t able to transform those potential customers into actual customers…”

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