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Voice search in retail: Evolving the customer experience

Voice search stands to live at the heart of how retail marketers guide the customer experience into the future.

Behind every voice query lies data riper with real-time intent and context than perhaps any other source of shopper information. A spoken query is a direct window into what consumers want at that moment, how they think about a topic — or product — and their emotional state of mind.

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With Entrepreneurs Freaking Out After Facebook’s Drastic Newsfeed Change, Here Are 4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Survive

In the hours following the announcement from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday that the social network wanted to focus more on “meaningful interactions” between people, pandemonium struck in the business world.In Facebook’s effort to reduce news feed noise, posts from friends and family now have even more priority over posts originating from Business Pages, including ads.

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The Google Speed Update: Page speed will become a ranking factor in mobile search

Google today announced a new ranking algorithm designed for mobile search. The company is calling it the “Speed Update,” and it will only impact a small percentage of queries, Google reiterated to us. Only pages that “deliver the slowest experience to users” will be impacted by this update, the company says.

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Understanding AdWords keyword match types for manufacturers

With much of AdWords’ help documentation geared towards retailers, it can be confusing for manufacturers to figure out how best to utilize the platform. This guide to match types for manufacturers from columnist Dianna Huff can help

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Incorporating a chatbot? How to put the customer first

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest buzzwords in society, and the business world is making widespread use of a practical application of the technology: chatbots. Bots are rapidly taking over customer service roles, with consumers unable to tell whether they’re communicating with a human or a computer in some cases.

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