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10 Things Your LinkedIn Profile Should Reveal in 10 Seconds

“Some people call LinkedIn the Facebook of the working world. While the platform definitely draws comparisons, employers don’t search it to be updated on your latest party or to play Candy Crush. They want to learn more about you and your professional experience.

“Once an employer reaches your profile, they’ll want to know some things right away. Your profile should answer these ten questions quickly in order to satisfy employers who don’t have a lot of free time to spare…”

Read more at Entrepreneur.


3 Reasons Your Content Isn’t Getting Shared — And How to Fix Them

“Shares are a big deal for content. These shares come in two forms: A user can share a piece of content from your site onto their social media profile directly, or they can encounter your article on social media and share, retweet or re-pin from there.

“Either way, the effect is similar: It increases the reach of your article to more people, adds to the social proof of your article’s success, and may even affect how many links and how much traffic it earns…”

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Do You Have Any of These Email Marketing Bad Habits?

“Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective strategies in terms of ROI, with some businesses attributing more than a fifth of their overall sales to email marketing.

“But it’s not always as simple as getting your message from A to B, and in light of recent email disasters, it’s important to be mindful of what not to do as well as best practices. Read on to find six common behaviors that marketers would be wise to steer clear of…”

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Web Users Agree To Anything Online, Study Finds

“There was always reason to suspect that many people who sign up for online services never so much as glance at privacy policies — which tend to be written in dense, nearly undecipherable, language. But most of the support for that idea has been anecdotal.

“Now, researchers at Michigan State University and the University of Connecticut have conducted a study that attempts to scientifically prove whether people read online privacy policies and other notifications…”

Read more at MediaPost.


10 Factors That May Be Impacting Your Organic Traffic

“Whether you’re a seasoned SEO or someone who runs your own business, you know there are fluctuations in your organic traffic, but you may struggle to pinpoint the root cause.

“Organic search, unlike its paid counterpart, comes with a unique set of challenges in diagnosing a decline in traffic and conversions. There are some obvious places you can mine for insights (Google Analytics, Google Search Console), but other factors at play can be harder to quantify…”

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