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Twitter Turns Stickers Into Ads for Brands but Won’t Say How It’s Charging for Them

“Promoted Stickers marks Twitter’s latest attempt — and the latest example of a trend — to inject brands not only into people’s content feeds but into the actual content.

“Social advertising used to be about brands inserting themselves in people’s content feeds. It still is. But it’s also become about brands inserting themselves into the actual content in those feeds. Cases in point: Snapchat’s Sponsored Lenses, Facebook Live’s mid-roll ads and now Twitter’s Promoted Stickers…”

Read more at Marketing Land.


Blab Shuts Down, Founders Promise New App on the Way

“Livestreaming app Blab, which amassed 3.9 million users in just one year, shut down this weekend, its CEO Shaan Puri announced with a post on Medium late Friday.

“The app, which competed with Twitter’s Periscope, Facebook Live, IBM-owned and other media companies in the livestreaming game, was created at Monkey Inferno, a tech incubator self-funded by the founders of Bebo, Michael and Xochi Birch…”

Read more at TechCrunch.


Eight Things That Threaten Email Marketing

“Email marketing is thriving, though it doesn’t mean there are not challenges out there. Below are the top eight biggest enemies of a successful email marketing campaign.

“[] makes it easy to ‘unsubscribe’ from emails, though it really just pushes them to a folder where users won’t see and interact with them. So the person remains in your database but never sees your emails, messing with your open rate…”

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Twitter Has a Really Good Anti-Harassment Tool — and It’s Finally Available to Everyone

“Since March 2015, Twitter has given verified users on some devices the option of using a “quality filter” to improve the tweets they see: It’s essentially an automated moderation tool, which hides tweets that are abusive, threatening or spammy. As I wrote at the time, the tool works really well — I’ve used it continuously since then. Now, after almost a year and a half of testing, non-verified users also have access.

“Twitter announced the rollout in a statement published to its corporate blog Thursday. Here’s how product manager Emil Leong explains how the filter works…”

Read more at The Washington Post.


10 Free SEO Resources Every Marketer Should Use

“Search engine optimization (SEO) requires special attention to a number of moving parts, all at the same time. You need to know your goals, your priorities and your progress in each of a dozen or so different areas. And those targets are constantly moving due to internal and external pressure. It’s a stressful position, but fortunately, you don’t have to do all the work yourself.

“SEO is, at its core, a way to use technology to your advantage, and there are lots of technologies that exist to make that route easier and simpler to follow. Some of these exist as paid platforms, but there are plenty of free options for the frugal marketers and entrepreneurs of the world — and they happen to be some of the best tools, regardless…”

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