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4 Google Display Network Strategies That Can Increase Your Return on Investment

The publisher doesn’t know which ads will appear on his site, but he trusts Google to screen and manage the advertisers. As a result, he avoids having to spend time looking for advertisers and managing clients on a one-to-one basis.


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A new AI-powered Chrome extension judges content on its ‘trustworthiness’ 

An artificial intelligence company has launched this week what it says is the first autonomous AI tool for determining the “trustworthiness” of a story.

Called Unpartial and developed by San Jose, California-based Recognant, the tool is an extension for the Chrome browser. CEO Brandon Wirtz told me that other browsers may be supported at some point.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolution is to solve Facebook’s issues

New Year’s resolutions typically adhere to some form of self-improvement. People pledge to stop smoking, stop drinking soda, stop swearing and so on. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolution is for his company to stop messing up.

“Facebook has a lot of work to do — whether it’s protecting our community from abuse and hate, defending against interference by nation states, or making sure that time spent on Facebook is time well spent,”

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Personalization & machine learning in 2018: From comms to content

n a saturated digital landscape where brand blindness is the norm and people see more offers and content in a day than they can even remember, marketers have their work cut out for them. But if there’s one common solution, it’s content so relevant that it’s impossible to ignore.

Personalization has been an agenda item for marketers for years, but it’s not easy to achieve. Sure, you can build personas and create marketing campaigns for them. But, as appealing as “Marketer Mark” and “Social Sally” can be in planning meetings, they’re still far too broad to effectively represent an individual’s journey.


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 18 link resolutions for 2018

Oh, the resolutions keep coming! Based on last year’s 17 link resolutions for 2017, I give you my 18 link resolutions for the new year. Here’s to a great start for all your marketing efforts!

1. Educate yourself more about link metrics

I’ve seen so many people referencing link metrics, such as Moz’s Domain Authority or Majestic’s Citation Flow, as if they came from Google — and that’s not good.

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