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From algo to aggro: How SEOs really feel about Google algorithm updates

Of the significant 44 percent who said their business or their clients’ had been affected by algorithm changes, 26 percent say they struggle to know how to react, and 25 percent get stressed when updates happen. (Note: For this question, respondents were able to select multiple answers.) However, on the flip side, an encouraging 58 percent either don’t get worried about updates or are actually excited by the challenge.

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Personalization – Are You Really Ready To Do It?

Marketers get caught up in the promise of personalization, but is it beneficial for all brands, particularly data-constrained CPG brands? Before investing in personalization, brands need to answer the following questions.

1. Is the target open to providing personal information, and can the brand respond immediately once the information is shared?

Not everyone likes to provide personal information. A 2017 global study commissioned by SAP Hybris found that 52% of Americans feel comfortable sharing an email address, but only 37% feel comfortable sharing past purchases and preferences, and only 25%, a mobile number. Other research has found that women and those over 45 years of age are less forthcoming with this information.

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The 6 Best Bidding Strategies for Google Keywords

Manual bids are the best way to understand firsthand how your dollars are working (or not working) for you. We don’t advise starting out using Google’s various automatic bid settings. Don’t run to those until you really understand how your bids are paying off for you. Start with fundamentals — numbers that you can personally see, respond to and adjust.

Frankly, Google’s machine isn’t good at figuring out what your bids should be until it has a significant amount of data. You’ll need to be getting at least 50 conversions a month (at the campaign level) before you start using automated bidding.

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Brand Authenticity Key In Era Of Digital Overload

In 2017, the media business bore witness and weathered a year of fake news and inauthenticity that has taken an industry based on facts and turned it on its head. Through the false application of what is and isn’t fake news, trust in media is unfortunately no longer what it used to be. That is a fact.

In 2018, it’s crucial to understand how media brands can set themselves apart in a time of endless choices, information overload and misleading news sources. In my view, three easy steps must be taken in order for media brands to differentiate themselves in an overcrowded digital ecosystem and maintain not just trust, but relevancy, with their audiences.


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2018 Goal List

Three things marketers must do to better serve customers in 2018

The year 2018 will be the watershed year when savvy marketers move to expand their roles to encompass every aspect of the customer journey, end to end.

While 37 percent of marketing budgets are still spent on customer acquisition, according to the 2017-2018 Gartner CMO Spend Survey, 2018 will see marketers devoting increased amounts of time and resources to engaging with existing customers. In fact, current customers — always a core constituency — will soon be marketing’s primary audience, as CEOs, fearful of falling victim to disruption, look to invest in making the brand relationship more valuable.

Here’s why…

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