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5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence 

“Since efficient AI/ML solutions require vast volumes of costly data to train, small companies are often reluctant to integrate AI into their business workflow. These worries are overblown though. These days, turning your small business into a full-fledged data-driven company might be easier than you think.”

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 4 Way-Too-Early Email Market Trends To Watch In 2018

“In the spirit of the extremely early Black Friday offers I’ve received over the last few weeks,  I am happy to offer my way-too-early take on the email market trends to monitor in 2018….”


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Curate, License or Create? A Guide to Sourcing the Ideal Images and Video for Your Marketing Strategy.

“Content is king, it’s unlikely to be dethroned any time soon. It’s simply too effective to reach new audiences and engage with potential clients. While no one questions content’s power as a marketing tool, creating, finding or curating material can pose unique challenges. Sourcing the images and video needed to support all that content marketing and advertising brings its own costs and potential risks.”


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The Complete Guide to Dominating Local Search Optimization in 2018

SEO keeps on changing and there is just one rule to remember: grow with it. As digital marketers and SEO experts enter the final stretch of 2017, the biggest question confronting them is what does 2018 have in store for local SEO, the most viable channel of interest for local business owners?


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 4-Step Guide to Creating Great Marketing Videos 

“Entrepreneur Network partner Ben Angel describes the four steps you need to take to improve your video marketing strategy and make more sales. For example, you can make a much bigger profit by finding complementary pieces or products you can offer at the time of checkout.”


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