Digital Transformation is one of hundreds of terms and expressions doled out these days; yet, what sets it apart is its all-encompassing effect on our daily lives. From the Internet of Things to online marketing, from shopping to communication, the concept of digital transformation has enveloped our culture today worldwide. The advent of the world wide web has fully altered society. Within the span of 30 years, there is little we do now that doesn’t involve a digital infrastructure. When our own refrigerators have the capability of texting us when we are low on milk, there can be no argument to the immense effects of this phase in human history.

A great physical example of digital transformation is the evolution of the famous telephone booths in London, England. The rise of mobile devices resulted in the stagnation (and overall disrepair) of the booths, yet with the recent need for constant connectivity, many of these booths have returned to prominence once again in the form of WiFi hotspots.

Today, marketing efforts cannot exist outside of the digital world. Through social media, apps, blogs, and video, marketing messages have larger sandboxes to play in with the added advantage of direct lines to their potential customers. Retargeting ads, for instance, which are based on the search histories of consumers, can target with far more relevancy than the odd, mutable television commercial (heck, many TV ads serve the purpose of directing viewers to their websites, applications, and so forth themselves).

At Netsville, digital transformation is in the very DNA of our Internet Property Management methodology. With the application of agile development, we maintain a vital flexibility to adapt to continuing trends and changes in technology, trending maneuvers, and MarTech philosophy to maintain the highest possibility for return on investment. Where it could be argued that advertising was more of an art form in the past, with the changing winds of digital transformation it has evolved into a strategic blend of science and art. Additionally, this metamorphosis has further developed with an added eye for nuance – an small, but integral piece to the puzzle of relevant Internet marketing. Understanding and implementing such distinctions can outline the vast differences between success and failure.

Without fail, it is beyond the time to bring your marketing online. Resistance to the trends of digital transformation is as futile as implementing the antiquated marketing paths of the past. It is time to restructure your rusting phone booths into beacons of the future.

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