How can I get my website on the first page of the search engines? This could be the most asked question when it comes to a website. Everyone wants to know how to get on page one of any search engine. If you have a website yourself and you find yourself asking this same question you’re in for a treat today as I have five things you can do to help get the results in the search engine you’re looking for.


  1. Mobile-friendly

When Google first launched their “mobilegeddon” update a couple of months ago, it made having a mobile-friendly website a great way to instantly put you above some competitors who’s website is not mobile-friendly. This update was to greater the search results for mobile users. Meaning, your mobile-friendly website can be ranked higher in Google’s search engine and will also be labeled as mobile-friendly so users will know before entering the website.

When this update first launched it caused some businesses to panic. Small time business’s that haven’t kept up with or spent any time updating their website were effected the greatest. If you were a company already with a mobile-friendly website, you benefitted greatly with this update. Basically, you were rewarded in the search engines without even having to do anything.

Yes, this update is still in full effect, meaning that one of the easiest things you can do to help raise your website in the search engines, especially Google’s, is to re-design your website with a mobile-friendly version.


  1. Keywords

Doing some research to find out what makes you stand out from your competitors can be well worth your time. You want to find out what specific keywords separate you from your competition.

After taking the time to find out what some specific keywords are beneficial to your brand, it’s time to put them all over your website. Take the time and go through all the pages of your website and stuff those keywords in the content you have throughout the website. This leads me into my next big thing being content.


  1. Content

Content is one of the best ways to get your website raised in the search engine. When the search engine bots are trolling around the web, they are looking for the most relevant and often times the newest content on the Internet.

The more the search engines see new, relevant, original content, the greater they trust the website as a reliable source of information. This step certainly takes some time before you see significant results but it is well worth the time and work. Original content is huge on the Internet today and the search engines defiantly reward it.


  1. Social Media

Having a presence on social media is huge. As I just got done explaining how much original content can help in the search engines, social media is a fantastic way to gain a following for people to read your content. Posting the content to your social media accounts is a great way to get a following and increase traffic to your website.

Google and other search engines also index social media profiles, meaning your social profiles can show up in the search engines as well. This can then equate back to your website and help with overall brand awareness, your biggest goal in marketing your company.


  1. Consistency

The last thing could be the most important step to this whole process. I chose consistency because if you want to really raise your website in the search engines it will take time and staying on top of all the steps mentioned ahead. Consistently posting new content to the website and social media accounts is the key.

The search engines love to see a website constantly being updated over time. If you have a static website, it could be the quickest way to fall in the search engines. New content and new updates will be indexed greatly, with the results being a bump up in the search engines for you.


Good luck in this process of getting your website to show the results in the search engines you desire. If you have any other ways that can help this process please be sure to comment them in the section below, I’d love to hear your responses.

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