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Optimized Store Landing Pages: An Important Part of Local Search Strategy

“If you’re a business which has brick-and-mortar store locations, you may know that having a local search strategy is crucial to your business. Most business owners are aware that building a local search presence requires having profiles on…”

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3 Types of Email Personalization That Boost Open Rates, Click-Through Rates and Revenue

“Email marketers are focused on analytics, and for good reason. They know that driving analytics in the right direction will have a direct impact on their revenue. And research has proven that nothing gets analytics…”

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You Don’t Need a Big Budget to Get Started With Video Content

“Video marketing is bigger than ever — this is an undeniable fact. In addition to traditional video content, live streams are very popular these days. If you’re still not employing video content in your marketing mix, you are seriously missing out on opportunities. Social media platforms give preferential treatment to native videos…”

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Why Your Brand Should Obsess Over Its Customers, Not Its Competitors

“Yes, this is another Amazon story. But this one isn’t about its latest acquisition, innovation or market share growth. It’s a story about what gave Amazon headliner status in the first place, something too often overlooked by companies scrambling to compete in its wake…”

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Verizon To Start Throttling All Smartphone Videos to 480p or 720p

“Verizon Wireless will start throttling video streams to resolutions as low as 480p on smartphones this week. Most data plans will get 720p video on smartphones, but customers won’t have any option to completely un-throttle video. 1080p will be the highest resolution…”

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