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10 Ways to Bolster Your Brand’s Online Influence

“The trick to becoming influential online is persevering when it seems nobody will ever pay attention. The focus for brands is to convince, or influence, as many purchase decisions to go in their favor. In the online environment, there is an extraordinary opportunity to reach out to the largest audience possible and influence what they buy whether it is a product or service…”

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17 Overlooked Content Marketing Promotion Ideas To Try in 2017

“As marketers, we often face tight time frames and demanding deadlines when it comes to publishing our newest content offering. From hitting publish on your next blog post to promoting your next e-book or webinar, let’s all agree to make more time to focus on how to distribute our content wisely…”

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6 Ways to Build Your Email Subscriber List

“If you build a list of folks who want to receive your emails, you’ll avoid spam filters and stay top-of-mind with your prospects. Few things are more valuable to a business than an email subscriber list full of interested customers and prospects. Although many believe that the age of the spam filter has destroyed email marketing forever, the fact is, spam filters are only designed to protect people from unwanted mail…”

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Why Marketers Are Twenty Times More Interested In Email Than Mobile, Virtually Ignoring Social

“To be alongside online video marketing as one of the top two channels that digital marketers are currently showing the most interest in is a very good place to be. But for email marketing to actually pip online video to the top place on the podium as the prime channel for the year ahead is just about the best accolade any section of the digital mix could hope for…”

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Marketers Seek Email Info During Holidays

“’Email marketing’ and ‘online video marketing’ comprised more than three-quarters of the online and digital activities of marketers, according to a month-long study by True Influence. The study suggests that email marketing was the most read-about and sought after marketing tactic among professionals in the industry during the busy holiday season…”

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