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7 Reasons to Add a Podcast to Your Content-Marketing Strategy

“Speaking directly to your target market will expand your leads and position you alongside experts in your industry. No matter what business you’re in, chances are you have some competition. Maybe your product or service is superior to other options that exist in your market. Maybe it isn’t…”

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Consumers More Likely To Open Marketing Emails During Holidays

“Online shoppers are 68% more likely to open a retailer’s email during the holiday season than at any other time of year, according to a recent study from Adlucent…”

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5 Reasons Businesses Shouldn’t Keep Ignoring Content Marketing

“At its heart, great content marketing is simply good storytelling. You can do that, can’t you? From a buzzword to a mainstay, content marketing has risen to stake its claim as one of the best advertising and marketing strategies, rivaling almost all traditional advertising ones…”

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Is Your Analytics Data Lying to You?

“One of online marketing’s claims to fame is the fact that you can track almost everything.Send out an ad in the mail, and you have little to no idea how many people tossed the ad without looking at it, let alone how many consumers came to your store as a result of seeing your ad. Same goes for billboards, radio spots, television ads…”

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Want BETTER Email Marketing In 2017? Focus on Mobile

“This past year, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about ‘mobile-first.’ As we shared back in February, it’s time we stop thinking of ‘mobile’ as mobile. That’s to say, a ‘smartphone’ is so much more than just a ‘smart’ ‘phone,’ and it is certainly used as much more than a ‘mobile’ device. We are far beyond the first iPhone era…”

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