MarTech, the melding of marketing and technology, bubbles up pretty often in conversations and collaborations with clients here at Netsville. As a description of initiatives that harness technology resources to marketing goals, MarTech is a keystone of our IPM philosophy that enhances your brand and the presence of your digital platforms and properties.

Just as general contractors attend to a range of needs for your house, we tend to the two pillars of your digital properties: technology and marketing. Think web design, database, e-commerce, website hosting, on-line store, and social media platforms – everything that shores up your digital infrastructure to fuel your marketing and outreach with potential clients, while culling positive impressions of and engagements with your digital presence.

In blending both areas seamlessly and skillfully, our MarTech expertise takes the burden off your IT department and marketing staff.

Both marketing and technology thrive on change. Stagnancy is the adversary. Search bots stop responding to it; audiences thirst for novelty. The MarTech we utilize features “baked-in” refinement and agile response in order to embrace the dynamic change that’s essential to the Internet experience, from SEO to user satisfaction.

Finally, MarTech adheres to the Internet’s life cycle of Discover, Develop, Market, Maintain, and Measure—a proven, repeatable process that toggles between technology and marketing to provide your website, message, and social media platforms the greatest chance for success.

  • Discover: Research, analyze, and explore the market space
  • Develop: Build, brand, and plan your property
  • Market: Test, optimize, and raise the property value
  • Maintain: Cultivate your property — while keeping it fresh
  • Measure: Gauge your success through analysis, which flows back into “Discover” mode


Each stage of the life cycle begins and ends with change and checks on efficacy. Our agile marketing process kicks in at each interstice to achieve the desired evolution and steer a course toward success in a certifiably rapid time frame.

With MarTech supporting your pillars and generating dynamic turns through the cycle, you can focus on building your business and running your company.

Based in Rochester, New York, Netsville is an Internet Property Management company specializing in managing the Digital Marketing, Technical, and Business Solutions for our customers since 1994. For more information, please click here.