Our Digital World is ever changing, always influx, and, like our real universe, it continues to expand. Blink and you’re left behind, like missing out on some inside joke: “What are they all laughing at anyway?” Keeping up with Social Media, for instance, can be a full-time job but so is understanding the technical infrastructure that delivers our favorite sites, videos, and posts daily, let alone our hosting and corporate email.

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) simply lack the personnel to keep up with the challenges of their technology infrastructure and the myriad of digital marketing challenges. Often they find themselves stretching their IT departments beyond their capacity and technical know-how trying to figure out digital marketing, like which social media platforms to use or pushing their marketing department to determine the best way to geographically disperse video content only to wind up failing on both fronts. SMB’s need to address these issues. Some will find success. Most will not.

Back-end issues and technical infrastructure are always challenging for SMB’s as is scope creep and the changing digital marketing landscape. Of course, SMB’s want to change something from the time they agree on launching their new website or re-design until the time the site goes live. These uncontrolled changes usually lead to their development company complaining and tacking on additional fees or pushing back the launch schedule to accommodate them. But is this fair? Does it even make sense?

Change is inevitable. Why penalize a business for it? At Netsville, we use a MarTech Methodology of Internet Property Management (IPM) that expects and embraces change. Scope creep and iterative development are baked into our methodology and built into our proposals. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, the search bots reward your site for constant change, so why not give it to them? Your target audience will appreciate it too as they enjoy seeing something new. Isn’t that the point?


It’s clever, but what does the above formula actually mean? It’s our process for delivering results and deriving value from your Internet properties. Our research and Discovery phase leads us to change our plans; our Development phase leads us to change the site and social media platforms; our Marketing efforts lead us to change our message; our continued Maintenance leads us to change with the times; and our constant Measurement leads us to change and adjust to deliver the best results. All this provides your Internet properties (your website, your message, and your social media pages) the greatest chance for success.

Since 1994, Netsville has been managing the business of change – directing the technical and digital life cycle of Internet properties in collaboration with our clients. If your current IT or Digital Marketing partners frown upon modifications and continual adjustments, then maybe it’s time for another type of change.

Based in Rochester, New York, Netsville is an Internet Property Management company specializing in managing the Digital Marketing, Technical, and Business Solutions for our customers since 1994. For more information, please click here.