house-1522522_1920Managers of bricks-and-mortar properties have an important relationship with tenants and others who rely on them. The best managers encourage open communication, clarify needs, listen to feedback, and find solutions, whether it’s a broken appliance or a ceiling leak. Resolution of such issues doesn’t mean “writing off” the relationship.

The same philosophy holds true for our Internet Property Management (IPM) approach, where collaboration with clients is key for us to thrive within our mutual space.

The IPM methodology is a comprehensive approach to meet our clients’ needs, solve their challenges, meet their objectives, and enhance the value of their online real estate. Our results-oriented IPM is rooted in:

  • Navigation of the landscape – the “view” is ever-changing!
  • Expansion of digital touch points
  • Management of technical infrastructure
  • Swift, strategic, and responsive marketing

macbook-577758_1920From the launching of websites to long-term marketing campaigns, we keep our management robust, responsive, attuned, and adaptable; consequently, the customer is always at the center (and heart) of our approach. We never tack on extraneous fees for tweaking design or changing course.

We adhere closely to the principle that “stagnancy is the greatest adversary” of an Internet presence. Our agile, analytic approach follows the life cycle of the web:

  • Discover
  • Develop
  • Market
  • Maintain
  • Measure

Because the IPM formula maintains a constant revolution through these ideals, it’s easy to refine, innovate, and change course if necessary; and to build upon success to generate a dynamic, relevant, and SEO-friendly presence that engages and edifies your properties.

When we succeed at our role, our customers can channel their resources and attention to running their business – a sustained synergy that flows from us to you.

Based in Rochester, New York, Netsville is an Internet Property Management company specializing in managing the Digital Marketing, Technical, and Business Solutions for our customers since 1994. For more information, please click here.