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Just launched: Search Engine Land’s new MarTech Today website!

“We’re growing! Search Engine Land has a new sibling with today’s launch of our new editorial website, MarTech Today.

“As you can gather, this new website is dedicated to covering the rapidly expanding world of marketing technology, or “martech” as it’s commonly called. Marketing technology forms the foundation of most of what marketers do today, whether it’s SEO software, programmatic ad…”

Read more at Search Engine Land.


Say Hello to .google and Other Branded Internet Addresses

“Google is helping usher in a new way for companies to tout their brand names in the digital realm.

“On September 29, the search giant began publishing a new website that uses the .google, rather than the standard .com, as its domain name. The new site,, consolidates 19 previously separate Google blogs….”

Read more at CNET.

Senior doing stretching after running in the city.

Targeting the Untapped Market of Wearables for Elder Care

“Today’s 20-something tech wizards might not worry about the challenges of old age — but they should.

“Seniors represent a huge untapped market for tech companies. While just 13 percent of America’s population is 65 or older today, that slice will jump to 19 percent by 2030.

“One area that holds particular promise? Wearables…”

Read more at TechCrunch.


SEO is not Dead; it’s just a Shape-Shifter

“I’m so tired of hearing various pundits say that SEO is dead. Maybe they are merely being provocative. Perhaps they need to fill seats in their event, and so they come up with “bait” session titles like “Why SEO is fundamentally DEAD.” (Yes, that was actually a keynote title at a very popular conference last year.) Or maybe they drank their own Kool-Aid and really believe this nonsense.

“While SEO is NOT dead, the way that you’re doing it might be. Does the following describe your approach? You’ve optimized your H1s and meta tags and you’ve built a few (hopefully white hat) links. Now you just sit back and watch your site rise to the top of Google, right?…”

Read more at Search Engine Land.


Google Ads Forecasting and Trend Data for Existing Keywords in Keyword Planner

“Advertisers can now get forecasts for their existing keywords, in addition to campaigns, in Keyword Planner. If you haven’t checked out this feature in Keyword Planner, it’s worth taking a look.

“After clicking on the “Select from account” button shown above, there is an option to select Campaign or Keyword from a drop-down. After making your selections, the tool offers performance forecasting and various looks at search volume trends…”

Read more at Search Engine Land.

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