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How Many Videos Top Publishers Post Daily to Facebook, YouTube

“Top publishers like BuzzFeed, NowThis News and Tastemade are posting more videos a day to Facebook than YouTube. Here’s why. Facebook’s video platform is out of the petri dish and approaching parity with YouTube’s dominant digital video service. Top cross-platform video publishers like BuzzFeed, NowThis and Tastemade are posting more videos a day to Facebook than to YouTube, according to an analysis of their respective main YouTube channels and Facebook counterparts.

“But the uneven programming cadences don’t reveal the winner of a zero-sum game played between Facebook and YouTube. Instead, they offer a peek at how divergent the two platforms — and publishers’ corresponding programming strategies — have become…”

Read more at Marketing Land.


5 Common SEO Schemes That Will Burn You

One of the things I like most about search engine optimization (SEO) is the diversity of different approaches it offers that can work for it. You don’t have to use a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach, and in most cases, you can’t.

Still, there are some approaches that almost never work, to the point of being counterproductive or destructive for most brands that attempt to wield them. Why are they still around? Some of them are obsolete practices, serving as remnants of strategies that used to work; in these cases, companies may not realize that search engines and best practices have changed. Others are the product of wishful thinking, created by a logic that on the surface seems sound, but doesn’t reflect reality.

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Disney’s Rumored Twitter Bid Raises Doubts

“One is an entertainment giant famous for exacting tight control over its content. The other is a tech firm whose commitment to free speech has earned it a reputation as a hub for news and a haven for online harassment.  Together, they make for a brow-raising pairing. But stranger things have happened in the land of acquisitions than the chatter surrounding Walt Disney Co. and Twitter Inc.

“Bloomberg first reported Monday that Disney is considering bidding on Twitter, joining a growing list of potential suitors said to include Salesforce Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc…”

Read more at Los Angeles Times.


How to Avoid Potential Pitfalls With User-Generated Content

“You need to define legal responsibilities and develop a filter process to ensure you promote only high-quality submissions. User-generated content (UGC) is like gold hidden in the rubble. Its potential value is great, but you’ll need to do a lot of navigating to unlock its true potential. Content marketers have already weighed in on the benefits that can be derived from UGC, and many brands have made the move to make it part of their content-marketing strategy.

“The reason? Improved search-engine optimization wins UGC approval from marketers and brands alike. It also brings enlarged capabilities to win over millennials and unlocks an obvious source of promotional opportunity for businesses to tap into…”

Read more at Entrepreneur.


Twitter’s Moments Can Now Be Made By Everyone

“Itchin’ to stitch together a collection of tweets to tell a tale? Now you’ll be able to, as Twitter has started making its Moments feature available to all users of the social network. ‘Creators everywhere can now tell stories with tweets,’ Twitter said Wednesday in — what else? — a tweet, clarifying in another that the expanded feature is ‘rolling out’ today on Twitter’s website and ‘coming soon’ to mobile devices.

“Launched last October, the Moments feature uses hand-picked tweets, videos and images to track in real time events like breaking news, concerts and sports…”

Read more at CNET.

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