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Is “SEO” the Right Term Anymore?

“Columnist Winston Burton discusses how search engine optimization (SEO) has evolved over time and wonders whether the job title is truly representative of the work we now do.

“An SEO’s role and job duties have changed significantly since I began working in the field 12 years ago — and I think it’s time that we got a new title. In my view, our current job title does not accurately reflect the role that we now play in digital marketing…”

Read more at Search Engine Land.


3 Major Marketing Insights From Pokemon Go

“Pokemon Go is a wildly popular AR (augmented reality) game from Nintendo that has become a social media and pop culture craze. Millions of people are playing Pokemon Go to “catch Pokemon” with their smartphones — but this is no ordinary video game. Pokemon Go offers a unique new video game format that combines mobile technology with real-life locations. Players can find, “lure” and catch Pokemon at real-life locations, requiring them to explore their local neighborhoods, cities, parks and public spaces. Pokemon Go is creating surprising new types of connections and human interactions, and the full impact of this type of game on the way people live, communicate and shop could be quite profound…”

Read more at Entrepreneur.


Marketers Say Facebook More Critical To Video Campaign Success Than YouTube

“A new study finds that 65% of marketers and agency professionals polled think social platforms are the most important partners for digital video campaigns vs. an array of other video platforms. Notably, those include massive video hubs like YouTube; video demand-side-platforms; full episode players (Hulu, broadcast, and cable networks’ digital properties); ad networks; publishers (BuzzFeed, Vice, and Vox); and multichannel networks (Maker Studios, Awesomeness TV, and FullScreen).  All these video platforms were preferred by 59% of all respondents…”

Read more at MediaPost.


Apple Replaces the Pistol Emoji with a Water Gun

“Bullets are out, water is in. Apple is replacing the controversial pistol emoji with a green water gun in the next version of its iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 10.

“The gun swap is just one of a number of emoji changes the company announced on Monday. It will also introduce new and revamped emojis that show women doing stereotypically male jobs like detective, construction worker, and police officer. There are new female athletes, a pride flag, and family options for single parents…”

Read more at CNN Money.


Facebook’s New Page Sections Help Small Businesses Actually Make Money

“Having a Facebook page is virtually essential for modern businesses, and now they might be able to reap some new benefits from it too. Facebook is rolling out two new sections to promote both goods and services that merchants sell on the platform.

“The Shop section lets businesses list products they’re selling, and allows customers to put in an offer through Messenger, while the Services lets them do the same for, well, services. You can list prices, along with a description and photos…”

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