First announced back in May, Twitter’s new rule changes are finally rolling out now: 140 characters are worth more today than yesterday. Character counts will no longer be gobbled up by images, videos, gifs, or polls. In fact, any media you may want to attach to your tweet will not count against your character limit nor are names or quoting tweets. The only major exception so far are attached links which will still ding you by 23 characters.

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Twitter changes

One of the advantages to these changes for businesses is the ability to communicate more effectively with their audiences without losing characters due to the addition of media that could help drive their point home more clearly.

Twitter stated that these changes will make having a conversation on the platform “more straightforward” with users not having to decide how to shorten or exclude words to fit within the original constraining limit. Still on the horizon is a change where users will no longer have to use “.@” to broadcast their tweets broadly to all of their followers.

Twitter has come a long way since its original inception of a micro-blog. When its developers began what would eventually become the world’s most popular social networking site, they found themselves at a crossroads of how to properly brand their new platform. They realized the word “twitter,” defined as “a succession of small, tremulous sounds, as a bird,” was perfect.

Although most people often think of Twitter as a social network, its developers think of it as much more. Having become one of the first places users go to get the most up-to-the-second information about news and events around the world, Twitter has helped to reshape the way we receive media today. With these changes now in effect, Twitter has successfully made communicating through the platform much easier while still paying deference to its micro-blog origins.

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