CNBC featured an intriguing feature today by Tom DiChristopher on the proper way for businesses to utilize social media. Of particular interest is the posting of evergreen content and the loss of marketing potential when businesses fail to interact with their online followers:

Companies that successfully use social media give their audiences valuable content and let their fans be the voice of the brand, the founder and CEO of TheAudience told CNBC on Monday.

What they don’t do is market to them and tell them what’s cool, Oliver Luckett said in a “Squawk Box” interview.

“You have to provide value to the system. You’ve got to provide decent content. You can’t just be marketing on these platforms,” said Luckett, whose company creates and post content for brands and Internet influencers.

Luckett addressed growing skepticism over the influence of social media at a time when companies are making significant investments in the medium.

Last year, Ogilvy’s social media arm reported that just 2 percent of posts from brands with more than 500,000 likes on Facebook reached their fans. Forrester Research found that less than 1 percent of those followers interact with those posts.

Luckett acknowledged those statistics and said the way to beat them is to “connect the dots.”

One way to do that is to generate shareable content that gets used over and over, he said. He pointed to a simple infographic about the falling jobless rate theAudience created during the last presidential election that went viral.

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