Twitter recently announced that they have expanded their advertising capabilities.  Previously, brands advertising reach was limited to 33 countries when utilizing the social media platform’s ad options.  The new expansion now boasts an impressive 200 plus country and territory reach.  With a such a huge expansion there are some important musts that advertisers should now bring under consideration.

1. Find Followers

This might seem like a no brainer, considering that’s what social networking is all about, but there is more to gain from this expansion than a broader reach.  What you really should be thinking about is with new global markets – comes new specific targets.  Find what new groups of consumers you can begin targeting and start developing new targeted campaigns.

2. Count the Costs

With new targets, however, comes new competition.  These new targets are likely already being advertised to and this could potentially mean more cost to you.  Consider whether or not these markets are really worth tapping into before spending the money to engage with them.  The last thing you want at the end of the day is a large portion of your ad budget sucked down without any real return.

3.  Double Down

One of the coolest features twitter offers is their Lead Generation Card.  This feature not only promotes your brand through impression, but people can choose to share their email addresses.  With this comes the ability to compile and create very targeted lists to be used for other campaigns.  Utilizing the Lead Generation Card may be a good place to start to gauge interests in new markets.

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