Google and Twitter have been rumored to be making a deal to give the search giant access to the Twitter firehose, and today it looks like that partnership is now official. Google and Twitter have just announced that tweets will now be included when you’re doing a search on mobile — that’s through either the iOS or Android Google app or when searching in a mobile browser. For example, if you search for “NASA Twitter,” you’ll see a scrolling bar of tweets from the official NASA account at the top of your search results. The same goes for famous individuals like Taylor Swift — searching for her surfaces tweets from her official account. It’s presented in a widget, similar to the knowledge graph cards and image search results that often accompany many searches on Google.

Similarly, searching with a hashtag now brings up popular tweets with that search term, meaning that you can basically use Google to do a high-level search of Twitter now. Google says that more broad searches can also surface relevant tweets — the examples of “Malcolm X” and “Mad Men” were given, but right now it seems a bit hit or miss as to what specific searches will include tweets. Regardless, it seems like tweets in your Google search results will become pretty commonplace before long.

(Source: The Verge)

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