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How a Google Analytics Change May be Skewing Your View of SEO’s Value

“Columnist Janet Driscoll Miller explains why you might not be accurately accounting for organic search referrals since the upgrade to Universal Analytics — and details how to fix this issue. When doing search engine optimization, either for clients or as an in-house marketer, we must accurately measure the impact SEO is making on our websites, leads and revenue.

“Measuring our success in SEO helps us to justify the importance of its role in marketing, ensure budget allocation and solidify our roles in the organization. Tracking these statistics can literally mean the difference between keeping your job or not…”

Read more at Marketing Land.


The Dark Side of Content Marketing

“‘Create awesome content.’ ‘Deliver value.’ ‘WOW your users.’ ‘Master the art of storytelling.’ ‘Users will find your content online.’ ‘Build relationships with customers first, they will buy when they need.’ We’ve all heard it and it all sounds great.

“In marketing conferences, we often hear ‘Brands today need to act like publishers.’ At a recent event, I heard speakers encouraging businesses to hire journalists to work full-time to build ‘journalist-standard content.’ Seth Godin, one of the finest marketing minds of our time, said ‘Content marketing is the only marketing left.’ That’s aggressive…”

Read more at Entrepreneur.


How To Create A Mobile-Friendly Web Experience (Even If You Don’t Expect Conversions)

“It’s no surprise that the use of mobile web and native apps is quickly outstripping the traditional desktop web. Across all services — search, social media, news, business websites — mobile dominates or other forms a large enough proportion to merit serious attention. If users want to access the web via mobile, then it’s the job of businesses to give them mobile-friendly websites.

“This might seem an uncontroversial position, but there are companies — mine included — that do almost no business on the mobile web. In fact, a tiny fraction of my company’s conversions happens on mobile devices, while almost all of them happen on the web…”

Read more at Forbes.


The 3 Types of Content You Should Stop Publishing Immediately

“Stop. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200! Instead, rethink your content strategy, and start collecting $2,000 instead. I have been in the content marketing and online business game for a while. And in that time, I have learned what works.

“But more importantly, I have learned what doesn’t work. Odds are, if your content marketing has been stagnant for a while, you are publishing at least one of the following three types of articles described below on a regular basis. So, consider this list your “Get out of jail free” card. It’s designed to help you stop making the same critical errors that many entrepreneurs are making…”

Read more at Entrepreneur.


Facebook Has a Feature That Stalks You All Over the Internet — Here’s How to Turn It Off

“Facebook recently announced its ad network will now show users ads based on their interests all over the internet — not just on Facebook. Here’s how to disable them all and regain control of your privacy…”

Read more at Business Insider.

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